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Worldwide Faith Missions was founded by Dr. Johannes Maas in 1972, following a world tour for the Wesleyan Missionary Council, for which he was the President. He was invited to speak at a large a convention in southern India attended by 20,000 people. It was in a primitive area near the Bay of Bengal, where there were many starving children, homeless widows, and sacrificial pastors and evangelists laboring under great difficulties with little support. It was there that the Lord spoke to Dr. Maas that he was to care for these suffering people. God promised that if he would feed, clothe, house and educate the homeless children, that the Lord would save them, call them into His service, and use them to minister to their own villages. He pledged to sponsor 25 homeless children, to be cared for under the supervision of a respected pastor.
From this humble beginning, the outgrowth has been the establishment of over 25 orphanages, many of whom are supported and operated by various American missionary organizations. Thousands of children have been reared in the Homes. Many are now pastors and missionaries to their own people, and scores are respected citizens contributing to the progress of their villages and their country.
Literally hundreds of Churches have been founded as an outgrowth of this humble beginning, as Worldwide Faith Missions continues to plant new Churches in the neediest rural areas.
Pray that this ministry will prosper as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission in this needy land. Jesus put Himself in the place of the poor and needy when He said, “Inasmuch as you have done it to the least of these, you have done it into Me.”
Dr. Maas continues his pioneer work, starting new Children's Homes in needy areas. His vision continues to expand as he ministers to many Asian countries, including Cambodia, Viet Nam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Indonesia.
WORLDWIDE FAITH MISSIONS has been building and operating Children's Homes in India for the last 37 years. You can be a part of this mission of love and compassion by sponsoring a child at $18 per month. This provides housing, clothing, food and loving care by our dedicated staff. You will receive a photo and case history of your child. You may write your foster child, and visit the child in India. Please write and tell us if you want a boy or a girl. Send your loving gift today. You will get a photo and case history of your child, and can write to your child.
This will be the beginning of your unselfish love and compassion for a hungry, hurting, homeless child. Please write to: WORLDWIDE FAITH MISSIONS P.O. Box 8083 Canton, Ohio 44711.

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